Other Research Sites

Try to avoid 'just Googling stuff'. Check out some of these great links, in addition to using our Gale research tool:

  1. Archive - Internet Archive is a non-profit library of millions of free books, movies, software, music, websites, and more.

  1. Breaking News English - Articles on a broad range of topics. BNE allows you to change the reading level.

  1. The Day - A great news site for school students. Under every article you find interesting questions, activity ideas and links to more resources.

  1. Dogo News - A range of engaging articles, which allow you to change the audio lesson and hear them read aloud.

  1. Global Citizen - "Global Citizen is a movement of engaged citizens who are using their collective voice to end extreme poverty by 2030. On our platform, Global Citizens learn about the systemic causes of extreme poverty, take action on those issues, and earn rewards for their actions — as part of a global community committed to lasting change."

  1. Global Voices- Articles on global issues, from international new sources - includes links to articles in many different languages

  1. Google Art and Culture - Explore collections and stories from around the world with Google Arts & Culture

  1. Listenwise - Short radio stories from NPR

  1. Live Science - Science, technology and environmental news

  1. National Archives - A great source for primary information. This site also includes research tips.

  1. Newsela - Interesting articles, from reliable sources, including the National Geographic. Newsela allows you to change the Lexile Level / Reading difficulty (sign in with Google)

  1. Newspaper Map - Find newspapers from around the world, in many different languages

  1. EDx, Future Learn, Coursera, Lynda and Udemy - Online courses, many from top universities around the world, including MIT and Harvard, covering a range of interesting topics. Some free, some paid.