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MYP Assessment Policy 2020-2021

Informational slideshow about assessment at Daystar

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MYP Assessment Slideshow (parents) 2020

Watch this video for an overview of assessment in the MYP

What do numeric grades mean in the MYP?

Formative assessments...

  • Occur throughout the unit of learning
  • Include smaller assignments such as homework, classwork, exit tickets, class discussion, worksheets, journal entries, small group work, etc.
  • Provide both students and teachers information about student comprehension and whether the student is ready to continue on to the next level of learning.
  • Are all marked on the following 3-point scale

Summative assessments...

  • Usually occur at the end of a unit or after a big chunk of learning
  • Include assignments such as projects, tests, presentations, essays, etc.
  • Are marked on an 8 point scale based on the subject area rubrics provided by IB (see below for links to each subject areas' four rubrics)
  • Measure the depth of understanding that a student shows, beyond simply "meeting expectations." This is typically reflected in the marks that are higher than a 3 (see chart below for general grade descriptors for marks of 1-7.)
  • Click here to read subject specific grade descriptors for marks of 1 through 7.

In every MYP subject area, a student's summative assessments are marked according to 4 subject-specific criteria.

Click on the pictures to view a summarized version of the 4 criteria for each subject area.

Click on the links to see a copy of the 4 criterion rubrics for each subject area.

I and S MYP Criteria &.pdf

Individuals and Societies

Criteria A-D Rubrics

LAL MYP Criteria &.pdf

Language and Literature

Criteria A-D Rubrics

Maths MYP Criteria &.pdf
Science MYP Criteria posters.pdf
Design MYP Criteria &.pdf
Arts MYP Criteria &.pdf
PHE MYP Criteria &.pdf

Physical And Health Education

Criteria A-D Rubrics

LA MYP Criteria

Language Acquisition

Criteria A-D Rubrics