MYP Assessment Criteria

In every MYP subject area, students are assessed according to 4 subject-specific criteria.

Click on the pictures to view a summarized version of the 4 criteria for each subject.

I and S MYP Criteria &.pdf

Individuals and Societies

Criteria A-D

LAL MYP Criteria &.pdf

Language and Literature

Criteria A-D

Maths MYP Criteria &.pdf


Criteria A-D

Science MYP Criteria posters.pdf


Criteria A-D

Design MYP Criteria &.pdf


Criteria A-D

Arts MYP Criteria &.pdf


Criteria A-D

PHE MYP Criteria &.pdf

Physical And Health Education

Criteria A-D

LA MYP Criteria &.pdf

Language Acquisition

Criteria A-D